A belated Christmas gift: Mailchimp Activity

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Even though it's January already, we still have a belated Christmas gift to share with you in the form of a new, free plugin. We tweeted about this halfway through December but have yet to follow up on our promise, so here it is.

A free plugin showing Mailchimp list activity

We proudly present our newest add-on plugin, 100% free and available for download on WordPress.org since a few days ago.

It's called Mailchimp Activity and adds a dashboard widget to your site showing you what's been going on with your Mailchimp lists.

Here's what it looks like.

Showing list activity for a sample Mailchimp list.

Installing Mailchimp Activity is easy and doesn't require any further setup, so why don't you have a quick play with it as soon as you have a minute? We've been using it ourselves for quite a few months already.

Download Mailchimp Activity here.

If you enjoy this gift, we would really appreciate it if you could spread the word by tweeting or writing about the plugin.

Mailchimp Top Bar improvements for mobile

In other news, our first update of 2016 was for our (also free) Mailchimp Top Bar add-on which improved the behaviour of the bar on small screens.

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That's it - here's to a great 2016 together!