Mailchimp integration for Ninja Forms 3

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Yesterday, we released Mailchimp for WordPress version 4.1. This plugin update adds renewed support for the latest & greatest Ninja Forms 3, a popular form builder plugin.

We've been maintaining an integration for the older Ninja Forms plugin for a little over 2 years already. Because Ninja Forms 3 is basically a complete rewrite, we had to redo our integration as well. Not for nothing though, the result is a huge improvement over the older integration.

So, if you want to subscribe from Ninja Forms 3 to your Mailchimp lists, you're in luck.

Subscribing from Ninja Forms to Mailchimp

The first thing to do is to open up one of your Ninja Forms, go to Emails & Actions and add the Mailchimp action to your form. This action subscribes the person filling out the form to a Mailchimp list of your choice. The action settings allow you to configure the following things:

  • The Mailchimp list to subscribe to.
  • Which form fields map to which Mailchimp list field. Your Mailchimp fields will automatically be pulled-in after selecting a list to subscribe to.
  • Whether to use double opt-in (email confirmation) or not.
  • Whether to update existing subscribers.

To subscribe to multiple Mailchimp lists from the same form, simply add the action to your form more than once.

Adding an opt-in field

In its current state, the Mailchimp action subscribes everyone that fills out the form. To only subscribe people that opt-in to being subscribed, you have to add a checkbox field to your form. We've included a helpful "Mailchimp opt-in" field for this.

Once included in your Ninja Forms form, the Mailchimp action only triggers if the "Mailchimp opt-in" field is checked.

Don't be a Ninja

We provide the Ninja Forms 3 integration for free and hope you like it. If you do, please do not be a silent ninja about it and leave a plugin review on We really appreciate getting these!

If you run into an issue with the integration, make sure to let us know through the plugin's support forum on