User survey 2020

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We are constantly monitoring our support tickets for input in trying to determine what we should be working on. Whether that is improving an existing feature already in the plugin, adding a new feature, improving plugin performance, writing better articles for our knowledge base or something else.

This method is probably not sufficient though, as it ignores a very large part of our user base: the 99% not emailing us for help.

That’s why we’re doing a (very short) survey where we ask our users for input, so we know what to focus our efforts on for 2020.

What do you want us to add or improve in the Mailchimp for WordPress plugin during 2020?

You can fill out the survey here.

It’s just a single question so it shouldn’t take long. You can make it as short as long as you want, we’ll figure it out! Any input is much appreciated, don’t hold back. If you have an example for us to look at, even better!