Are you using and enjoying our (free) Mailchimp for WordPress plugin? Great!

If you would like to help contribute to the plugin and ensure its longevity, there are several ways to do so:

Writing or talking about Mailchimp for WordPress

Writing or talking about our plugin helps us by pointing out the existence of our plugin to others in your network. Including a link to our website will also help in the long run for others to find our plugin through search engines.

A quick and easy way to help out plugin authors of plugins you are using is to maintain a list of plugins in active use on your website. Even more incredible, but requiring more time and effort, is to do a full-blown blog post on the plugin and how it helped you in your specific use case.

Leaving a plugin review

Plugin reviews help us by showing others that our plugin does the job. It will also slightly improve our ranking in the plugin search on

You can leave a plugin review by going here.

Purchasing Mailchimp for WordPress Premium

Mailchimp for WordPress Premium comes with several handy features on top of our free version.

But even if you have no intention on using any of the premium features, purchasing a license helps fund development and support of the free plugin too!