Bad Request. Customer Was Not Saved. Customer could not be imported to the list associated with this store

This error means that the email address for this order is blocked from being added to the list that is selected for Ecommerce sync.

An email address can be blocked for many reasons, including subscribing and unsubscribing multiple in a row, signing up to many lists in a short amount of time, emails being bounced a few times and others. As this is something that is enforced by Mailchimp and not our plugin, there is no workaround for this.

Please contact Mailchimp support for more information as to why a specific email is being banned.

Bad Request. A product with the provided ID does not exist in the account for this list.

This error is usually solved by re-syncing the products to Mailchimp.

In your WP admin go to the Products page and click “screen options” on top of the screen. Set the amount of products that is shown per page to a large number, for example 100 products per page. Don’t go too high unless you have a server with a lot of RAM, else setting this to a too large number can result in a server error.

Once having a reasonable amount of products in view you can use the checkbox above the list to select all products on that page and then use Bulk Action > Synchronize with Mailchimp. Repeat this step for each page of products.

Once all the products are queued to be re-synced you can go to Mailchimp for WP > Ecommerce and you should see a pending background job for each product there. Some products may have already synced automatically in the background by the time you view this page. You can click the “Process now” button if you don’t want to wait for the automatic background sync. Once all the products are (re)synced with Mailchimp you can click the button to start syncing the orders that were showing this error earlier. Please keep the screen open while this initial sync is being processed.