A license for Mailchimp for WordPress gives you access to 1 year of plugin updates and priority support.

After your license expires, you can continue to use the plugin but you will no longer be eligible for email support and new plugin updates.

We do not recommend using the plugin without an active license, as this means your site will be on an outdated version of the plugin. This leaves your site at risk, as any breaking change in either the WordPress or Mailchimp API could potentially cause the plugin to stop working.

What are plugin updates for?

Plugin updates usually contain one (or more) of the following:

  • Bug fixes
  • Usability or performance improvements
  • New plugin features
  • Security enhancements

Automatically renewing your license when it expires

If you’re currently running the plugin without an active license subscription, consider activating your license subscription so that your license will automatically renew itself.

Purchasing a plugin license

If you don’t have a plugin license yet, you can purchase a license here.