As much effort as we put into making our plugins as easy to use as possible, it could happen that you run into trouble. Don’t hesitate to ask us for support; we don’t just want to help you fix things, but we also want to learn from the way you use our plugin.

If you are (only) using the free version of Mailchimp for WordPress and need help, please open a topic in the support forums.

How to ask for help

We kindly request that you keep these things in mind when asking us for help. It will help us help you a lot faster, and much more accurate!

  • Please provide a link to your website. If possible, share the link to the specific page your issue is happening on.
  • Describe the errors you are seeing. They tell us a lot about what we need to do to fix things. A screenshot of this error is also very helpful!
  • Tell us which version of WordPress you are on. You can find this info in the At a glance section in your website’s admin Dashboard.
  • Tell us which version of the plugin you are using. Please make sure you are on the latest version of our plugin(s) if possible. It could very well be that the issue you are having is already fixed in a later version of the plugin.

Our support team works hard to answer everyone in a timely matter, regardless of being a Premium customer or not. Premium users do however have a right to priority support and advanced customization. If you are in need of either, please consider purchasing our Premium plugin.

Known Issues

Some things are know to happen at times. They are mostly not due to the way the plugin works, but more likely due to a website’s settings or the way a Mailchimp list has been set up.

“Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later.”
This is a general error message that usually indicates that the form was not set up properly. You can find out how to fix this problem here.

Mailchimp API key or MC4WP license not activating
When trying to activate a Mailchimp API or license key that you just know should be working, it can sometimes refuse to activate. In that case, one of two things could be happening:

  1. The PHP cURL version of the server your website is hosted on is out of date. Solution: ask your host to update cURL to a more recent version.
  2. Your host’s firewall is blocking SSL requests. Solution: ask them to allow SSL requests to and

When integrating with another plugin, my list doesn’t update
When integrating with (for example) Contact Form 7, your form will not output error messages when something goes wrong. This means you need to pay close attention to how your form is set up. Usually following the steps in this article will solve your problem, but make sure to read our documentation on your integration of choice.

If you run into issues that are not described within our documentation, make sure to notify us! We’re always happy to provide extra info, and we will make improvements to both our products and our documentation based on your input.