• What to do if you encounter an issue

    As much effort as we put into making our plugins as easy to use as possible, it could happen that you run into trouble. Don’t hesitate to ask us for support; we don’t just want to help you fix things, but we also want to learn from the way you...

  • Fix the "oops something went wrong" error

    There are a few ways to fix the “oops something went wrong” error; usually when you encounter this issue it isn’t due to a problem within the plugin, but with your settings. Here are a couple of ways you can check if something might be missing or incorrect.

  • How to enable log debugging

    Since version 3.1 of Mailchimp for WordPress, the plugin comes with a debug log. This tool can be very helpful in debugging or monitoring background processes, without requiring your actual presence or actions.

  • Mailchimp list changes not showing in plugin

    The plugin fetches your audiences from Mailchimp and then caches this information for 24 hours, to make sure your website does not unnecessarily slow down. Should you have made any changes to your Mailchimp audiences which are not showing up in the plugin then you can manually tell the plugin...

  • Not receiving Mailchimp opt-in confirmation email

    If you’re not receiving the opt-in confirmation email or the final welcome email, please check the following:

  • Solving connectivity issues with Mailchimp

    Having trouble setting up the connection between your WordPress site and the Mailchimp servers? This can be caused by a number of factors. Let’s go trough them step by step.